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Sunday with EBS: Entewawekalen Wey


በሀና ዮሀንስ አቅራቢነት የሚካሆደው አዝናኝ ጥያቄና መልስ ውድድር በጣም ስለሚቀርቡት ሰው ምን ያህል ያውቃሉ? 

እንተዋወቃለን ወይ” በአርቲስት ሀና ዮሀንስ አቅራቢነት የሚካሄደው አዝናኝ የጥንዶች ጥያቄና መልስ ውድድር Entewawekalen Wey EBS Special Show “እንተዋወቃለን ወይ” በአርቲስት ሀና ዮሀንስ አቅራቢነት ጥያቄና መልስ ውድድር.

Ethiopia: 8 Silent Killer Diseases You Must Know


These are that 8 silent killer diseases:

1. Hypertension

Hypertension, i.e., hypertension is a noiseless executioner ailment since it can add to death and there won’t be any early genuine manifestations.Besides, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC have revealed that around 70 million American grown-ups, or 1 out of each 3 grown-ups, experience the ill effects of hypertension.

Shockingly, hypertension can hoist the hazard for heart stroke and ailment, also. In this manner, you should check your pulse all the time.

You can gauge your circulatory strain by utilizing a pulse screen. What’s more, in the event that it peruses 140/90 mmHg or more, it is prescribed to counsel your specialist.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is really one of the main 10 noiseless executioners as it doesn’t murder you all of a sudden. Then again, with regards to this sickness the high glucose levels progressively harm all the veins inside your body, and now and again it occurs for quite a long time before the patient is analyzed.

It can prompt kidney and coronary illness, vision misfortune, appendage removal, and strokes.

3. Hepatitis

It is evaluated that hepatitis prompts a passing of 1 individual every 30 seconds, and along these lines it really kills a million people inside a year.Distinctive sorts of this malady can be cause by various hepatotropic infections.

As it were, you can create hepatitis An and E by the utilization of tainted nourishment or defiled water.

Be that as it may, hepatitis B, C and D can be transmitted through sexual contact, transfusions of tainted blood, and amid labor.

Additionally, this infection can be caused by over the top utilization of liquor.

4. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis influences a considerable measure of ladies and also an extraordinary number of men. It is really an illness of thin bones. Tragically, various individuals are not analyzed until the point when they really endure a crack.

These are a few osteoporosis side effects: bone breaks cased by even a minor fall, loss of stature after some time, back torment, and a stooped stance.

5. Lung malignancy

It is a stunning revelation that the main source of tumor passing in the two ladies and men is the lung disease.

There is no undeniable anticipation why this tumor is created. Besides, under 10% of individuals with the analyzed lung disease can live longer than five years after their finding.

Like all growth sorts, if the lung malignancy is analyzed in its soonest organize, there is an incredible probability for the patients to be totally treated.

6. Colon malignancy

Shockingly, many individuals trust that they don’t have tumor if there is no torment, yet colon growth can be a quiet executioner as the agony generally shows up in late phase of the infection.

Besides, this sort of malignancy is really the third most normal tumor created in the U.S. populace, and there are a huge number of individuals analyzed each year. Accordingly, it is of a tremendous significance to early get recognized and expelled the colon harmful cells on the grounds that along these lines the tumor can be cured in 90% of cases.

7. Bosom growth

Likewise, if this growth sort is left untreated, bosom malignancy cells can duplicate and spread to other body parts, which can meddle with a great deal of indispensable capacities inside a body.

Also, bosom disease if untreated can be deadly, and it is one of the main malignancy passings in ladies.

8. Chagas infection

This infection is spread by a bug chomp, i.e., the professional killer bug. It really taints individuals with a parasite. It is imperative to realize that in the event that this sickness is untreated, it can prompt organ harm and furthermore sudden passing.

To clarify you in detail, in its underlying stage, there aren’t typically any side effects, yet various parasites are flowing in your blood.

In any case, if the malady ends up noticeably perpetual, it can bring about extreme cardiovascular and gastrointestinal issues, which can add to death.

Note: Keep as a main priority you can spare your life by medicinal checkups all the time and also early conclusion of unexplained or obscure side effects.

Vital: This substance ought not be utilized for therapeutic counsel, determination or treatment as it reflects data from various associations and people and it additionally may offer option or contradicting perspectives. Accordingly, you ought to counsel your social insurance supplier about your wellbeing.


Easy Ways to Save Battery Power on an Android



Managing battery deplete on your Android can be a genuine torment. In some cases you have a feeling that you should simply abandon it connected to the divider. Yet, hold up, isn’t a Droid expected to be a cell phone? Luckily, there are steps you can take to transform your stationary telephone once again into a cell phone, as it ought to be.

1 Disable associations physically

when you’re not utilizing them. Keep the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS incapacitated. Empower them just when you’re utilizing them, since keeping these empowered all the time will gobble up your battery.

To debilitate all associations, change to Airplane Mode. To do this, hold the power catch down until the point when a menu shows. Tap Airplane Mode, which will debilitate the majority of your telephone’s remote associations. To empower just Wi-Fi and not a phone flag while in Airplane Mode, tap Menu, Settings, and afterward Wireless and Networks. Check the Wi-Fi box.

2 Use an application to deal with your associations. Introduce an application, for example, Net Blocker, that will enable you to switch on/off your web association, as opposed to keeping your telephone constantly associated with the web.

Applications like NetBlocker enable you to survey the availability settings of each of your applications. For every one, you can pick whether to piece it from getting to Wi-Fi, versatile information, or both.

3 Reduce surveying or revive recurrence of your administrations.

Set your different informing administrations, for example, Facebook, email, and Twitter, to “manual” for their surveying/revive recurrence. Along these lines, you won’t continually be getting refreshes, which will spare vitality, and may likewise fill in as an invigorating break from endless network.

To change invigorate recurrence, go to your email’s inbox. Tap Menu, Settings, and afterward Account Settings. Pick your record and after that press match up settings took after by adjust plan. Change your timetable there.

4 Use control sparing mode. A few Androids, for example, the Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8), even have “Ultra” or “Extraordinary” power sparing modes. These modes restrain your cell phone to simply barebones exercises, for example, messaging, telephone calls, web perusing, and Facebook.[5]

To utilize control sparing mode in Android 5.0, squeeze Settings and after that Battery where you’ll see the “Battery Saver” alternative. Here you can empower Battery Saver mode and calendar it for when your battery has just a 15% or 5% charge.

የማለዳ ኮከቦች ምዕራፍ 4 ክፍል 23 B  


Ethiopia Yemaleda Kokeboch Acting TV Show Season 4 Ep 23 B

Very funny Ethiopian Acting Competition show on EBS Tv, Created by the renown Film writer & director Fitsum Asfaw. You can find the full show on EBS Tv every Monday @ 9: pm and Tuesday 12:00 p



የማለዳ ኮከቦች ምዕራፍ 4 ክፍል 23 A


Ethiopia Yemaleda Kokeboch Acting TV Show Season 4 Ep 23 A 

Very funny Ethiopian Acting Competition show on EBS Tv, Created by the renown Film writer & director Fitsum Asfaw. You can find the full show on EBS Tv every Monday @ 9: pm and Tuesday 12:00 pm



Ethiopia: የሎሚ ልጣጭ የሚሰጠው በርካታ የጤና በረከት


የሰው ልጅ በምድራችን ካበቀላቸው ቀደምት ፍራፍሬዎች ውስጥ የሚመደበውን ሎሚ በየቀኑ ብንጠቀመው ዘርፈ ብዙ ጥቅሞች እንዳሉት ተደጋግሞ ተነግሯል።በቫይታሚኖች እና ሚኒራልስ የበለፀገው ሎሚ፥ ቫይታሚን ሲ፣ ኤ፣ ቢ1፣ ቢ6፣ ማግኒዚየም፣ ባዮፍላቪድስ፣ ፔክቲን፣ ፎሊክ አሲድ፣ ፎስፎረስ፣ ካልሲየም እና ፖታሲየምን የመሰሉ ጠቃሚ ንጥረ ነገሮች ይዟል።እነዚህ ይዘቶቹ ታዲያ የሰውነታችን በሽታ የመከላከል አቅም በማሳደግ በበሽታዎች ከመጠቃት ይታደጉናል።ሎሚን በተደጋጋሚ መጠቀም ለሆድ፣ አንጀት፣ ጉበት እና አጠቃላይ ሰውነታችን ጤና እጅግ ጠቃሚ መሆኑ ይነገራል።

እርጉዞችም ሎሚን ከውሃ አልያም ከሻይ ጋር ቀላቅለው ቢጠጡ ጠዋት ጠዋት የሚያጋጥማቸውን እንደ ማቅለሽለሽ፣ ማስመለስ፣ የምግብ ፍላጎት ማጣት፣ ድካም እና የመሳሰሉ ህመሞች ያስታግሳል።የሎሚ ሽታ እና ጣዕም የማቅለሽለሽ ስሜትን ለመቀነስ ሁነኛ መፍትሄ መሆኑም ይታወቃል።የሎሚ ልጣጭ ከፍተኛ የፀረ ባክቴሪያ ይዘት ያለው ሲሆን፥ የሎሚ ቅጠሎችም የትኩሳት ህመምን ለማስታገስ ከፍተኛ ሚና እንዳለው ነው ባለሙያዎች የሚገልጹት።

ከላይ የጠቀስናቸውን መረጃዎች ምናልባትም ከዚህ ቀደም ሰምተው ወይ አንብበዋቸው ሊሆን ይችላል።አሁን ልንነግራችሁ የወደድነው ግን የሎሚ ልጣጭ የመገጣጠሚያ አካላት ህመምን ለመከላከል ይረዳል የሚለውን ነው።የሎሚ ልጣጭ የደም ቱቦዎችን የሚያፍታቱ ዘይቶች እና የሰውነት መቆጣትን የሚከላከሉ ንጥረ ነገሮችን ይዟል።እናም የመገጣጠሚያ አካላት ህመምን ለመቀነስ የሎሚ ልጣጭን በእነዚህ ሁለት መንገዶች ቢጠቀሙ መልካም ነው ተብሏል።

1. የሎሚ ልጣጩን ቢጫ ክፍል ብቻ በማድቀቅ በታመመው የሰውነታችን ክፍል ላይ ማድረግ ፤ ከዚያም በፋሻ ጠቅልሎ ከሁለት ስአታት በኋላ መፍታት።

2. ሁለት ሎሚዎችን በመላጥ ልጣጩን በሚከደን ብርጭቆ ውስጥ ማስቀመጥ፤ ከዚያም ጥቂት የወይራ ዘይት በመጨመር አጥብቆ መክደን፤ ለሁለት ሳምንታት ከቆየ በኋላም ሻሽ አልያም ጨርቅ በዚህ የሎሚ ልጣጭ እና የወይራ ዘይት ውህድ አርጥቦ ህመም በሚሰማን የመገጣጠሚያ አካላችን (እግራችን አልያም እጃችን) ላይ በፋሻ አስሮ መተኛት።በእነዚህ ሁለት ስልቶች የሎሚ ልጣጭን ተጠቅመን የመገጣጠሚያ አካላት ህመምን ማስወገድ እንችላለን።

ምንጭ፦ www.universeofnature.com/

Benevento Goalkeeper scores in the 95th minute vs AS Milan


The Italian side went into Sunday’s amusement against AC Milan with 14 misfortunes from 14 diversions in the battle and an objective contrast of – 27. That is record-breaking stuff.So for AC Milan’s new director Gennaro Gattuso it was the ideal apparatus with which to get his residency in progress.At any rate it ought to have been.

Be that as it may, he didn’t represent a 95th-minute plunging header equalizer by Benevento goalkeeper Alberto Brignoli.To be reasonable, no one could have anticipated that!The objective earned Benevento their first historically speaking Serie A point, and the festivals were fittingly euphoric.The response via web-based networking media to the last-heave equalizer was a blend of astonishment and energy… all things considered, everyone cherishes a goalkeeper going up for a set-piece and really scoring!

Ethiopia: ፍለጋው ነዳጅ ነው ልጅ ባሌ አሰለቸኝ እስኪ ምከሩልኝ/ EthiopikaLink Love Clinic Vaccination


የዶክተር ያለህ!
ኢትዮጲካሊንኮች… አረ ባሌ ሊገድለኝ ነው አንድ በሉልኝ። ጠዋት ነጋ ፍቅር እንስራ ነው። ማታ አልጋ ላይ መውጣት ለእሱ የደከመን ገላ ማሳረፍ ሳይሆን የበለጠ በወሲብ ማድከም ነው።እኔ በስራ ደክሜ ጠዋት ማታ የእሱ ማለቂያ የሌለው የፍቅር እንስራ ጥያቄ ማስተናገድ ከበደኝ። እባካችሁ ብዙ ወሲብ ማድረግ የሚያስከትለው የጤና ጉዳት ካለ ንገሩልኝ።


Ethiopia: የአፍሪቃውያን ባርነትና ሰቆቃ በሊቢያ| DW Amharic


ሊቢያ ውስጥ ስደተኞች «የባርያ ፍንገላ» ይፈፀምባቸዋል በሚባልበት ባሁኑ ወቅት ዝምታ አይስፈልግም ሲሉ የአውሮጳ ኅብረት ኮሚሽን ኃላፊ ዦን ክላውድ ዩንከር ለዶይቸ ቬለ ተናገሩ። የመብት ተሟጋቾችና ለአፍሪቃውያን ተቆርቋሪ ተቋማት ኃላፊው ቀድሞውንም ቢሆን ሊቢያ ውስጥ ይከሰት የነበረውን ያውቃሉ ሲሉ ተችተዋል።በ21ኛው ክፍለ ዘመንም ሊቢያ ውስጥ የሰው ልጆች በባሪያ ፍንገላ ሲሰቃዩ የሚታይበት ቪዲዮ በመገናኛ ብዙኃን ከተሰራጨ ወዲህ ቁጣው ከየአቀጣጫው ተበራክቷል። ሞክታር ካማራ ጀርመን የሚገኘው የአፍሪቃውያን ማኅበረሰብ ምክር ቤት ምክትል ኃላፊ ናቸው። ሊቢያ ውስጥ ስደተኞች በደልና ሰቆቃ እየደረሰባቸው ነው የሚለው ዜና መውጣቱን ተከትሎ ቅዳሜ ዕለት ለተቃውሞ በርሊን ወደሚገኝው የሊቢያ ኤምባሲ አቅንተው ነበር።

«ሊቢያ ውስጥ በአሁኑ ወቅት ለተንሰራፋው ለዚህ ሁሉ ቀውስ ሰበቡ የአውሮጳ ኅብረት ነው። የሊቢያ መንግሥት ከአውሮጳ ኅብረት ገንዘብ በገፍ ተልኮለታል፤ እናም ይህ የፋይናንስ ፈሰስ ሊቢያ ውስጥ አፍሪቃዉያን የሆኑ ሰዎችን ለባርነትና ለጭቆና የሚዳርጉ እና የሚገድሉ ሚሊሺያዎች እጅ ነው የገባው።»

በአርግጥ አፍሪቃውያኑ ፈላሲያን እንደቀድሞው በገፍ ወደ አውሮጳ መትመማቸው ቀንሶ ይሆንል፤ በግፍ የባርያ ፍንገላ ሰለባ መሆናቸው ግን መላ ዓለምን ጉድ አሰኘቷል። የአውሮጳ ኅብረት እና የአፍሪቃ ኅብረት ሃገራት መሪዎች በምዕራብ አፍሪቃዊቷ አይቮሪኮስት መዲና አቢጃን ሊመክሩ ስብሰባ የመቀመጣቸው አንዱ ዋነኛ አጀንዳም ይኸው ከአፍሪቃ ወደ አውሮጳ የሚደረገው አደገኛ ጉዞ ጉዳይ ነው። ከጀርመን መራኂተ-መንግሥት አንጌላ ሜርክል፤ ከፈረንሳዩ ፕሬዚዳንትና ከሌሎች መሪዎች ጋር አቢጃን ተገናኝተው የነበሩት የአውሮጳ ኅብረት ኮሚሽን ኃላፊ ዦን ክላውድ ዩንከር ቀደም ሲል ከዶይቸ ቬለ ጋር ባደረጉት ቃለ መጠይቅ «ከወደ አፍሪቃ የሰሙት መረጃ» እጅግ እንደሰቀጠጣቸው ገልጠዋል። «የተሻለ ሕይወት ፍለጋ በሚፈልጉ የሰው ልጆች ላይ ሊቢያ ውስጥ የሚፈፀመውን እያሰብኩ ተመችቶኝ ላንቀላፋ አልችልም። እነዚህ ሰዎች ሊቢያ ውስጥ ገሀነምን ነው ያገኙት።»

ኃላፊው «ይኾናል ተብሎ ሊታመን የማይችል» ያሉትን ችግር አውሮጳ በዝምታ ሊያለፍ አይገባም ሲሉም አክለዋል። ጀርመን የሚገኘው የአፍሪቃውያን ማኅበረሰብ ምክር ቤት ምክትል ኃላፊ ሞክታር ካማር ግን የኮሚሽነሩ ንግግር የሚዋጥላቸው አይመስልም።«ዩንከር ከማንም በተሻለ ያንን ያውቃሉ። የአውሮጳ ኅብረትም ሊቢያ ውስጥ እየሆነ ስላለው ጠንቅቆ ያውቃል። እንዲያም ሆኖ ግን ከሊቢያ መንግሥት ጋር ስምምነት አድርጎ እዚያው ሊቢያ ውስጥ ስደተኞች ማቆያ ስልትን ዘረጋ። ይኼ ለኔ ወንጀል ነው። እዚያ ሥርዓት አልበኝነት እንደነገሰ፤ መንግሥት መላ ሀገሪቱን መቆጣጠር እንደማይችል፤ ስደተኞች ቁም ስቅልና ግድያ እንደሚፈፀምብቸው እየታወቀ ነው ያ የሆነው።»

ዦን ክላውድ ዩንከር በበኩላቸው «ሊቢያ ውስጥ ያለውን ችግር እናወቃለን» ብለዋል። «ሊቢያ ከሌሎች ሃገራት የተለየች አይደልችም፤ ስለዚህም የሆነው ነገር ሊታሰብም ተቀባይነት ሊኖረው የማይችል ነው» ሲሉም አክለውል።«የአውሮጳ ኅብረት ከሊቢያ ጋር ያደረጋቸውን ስምምነቶች በሞላ እንዲያቋርጥ እናሳስባለን፤ ማንቸውንም የፋይናንስ ርዳታዎች በሞላ እንዲሁ። ከዚያ በኋላም ሊቢያ ሰብአዊ መብቶችን ለመጠበቅ በርግጥም ተገቢው ቦታ ላይ ስለመሆኗ መጣራት አለበት። በሰው ልጅ ላይ ባርነት የተባለ ወንጀል ከሚፈፀምባት ሀገር ጋር የአውሮጳ ኅብረት መሥራቱ ሊሆን የማይችል ነው። የሕግ የበላይነት ዳግም እስኪሰፍን ድረስ በጋር መሥራቱ መቋረጥ አለበት።»
በሊቢያ ሕፃናት እና ሴቶችን ጨምሮ በርካታ ስደተኞች አደጋ ተጋርጦባቸዋል። ባለፈው የጎርጎሪዮሱ ዓመት ሾልኮ የወጣ ሰንድ በገፍ ወደ አውሮጳ የሚደረገውን ፍልሰት ለመግታት በሚል የአውሮጳ ኅብረት አምባገነኖቹን ጨምሮ ለስምንት የአፍሪቃ ሃገራት 40 ሚሊዮን ዩሮ ግድም ለመክፈል መስናዳቱ እጅግ አስተዛዝቦ ነበር።

The History of the Computer Mouse



Somewhat more than 40 years back Douglas Engelbart presented his “X– Y position marker for a show framework”— all the more regularly referred to today as the PC mouse—amid a hour and a half introduction on a “PC based, intuitive, multiconsole show framework” at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, Calif. This occasion—went to by somewhere in the range of 1,000 PC experts—would later be called by numerous the “mother of all demos” and would present various registering abilities to a great extent underestimated today: the mouse, hypertext, protest tending to and dynamic record connecting.

Engelbart, now 84, recorded the patent in 1967 yet needed to sit tight three years for the U.S. to recognize his innovation, which gave the device expected to explore designs filled PC screens with a straightforward movement of the hand instead of by swimming through screens loaded with green-tinted content utilizing keys or a light pencil squeezed up against a PC screen. “I don’t know why we call it a mouse,” he said amid the demo. “It began that way, and we never changed it.”

The first mouse, housed in a wooden box twice as high as the present mice and with three catches to finish everything, moved with the assistance of two wheels on its underside instead of an elastic trackball. The wheels—one for the even and another for the vertical—sat at right points. At the point when the mouse was moved, the vertical wheel moved along the surface while the level wheel slid sideways. Mice developed more ergonomic after some time and have received trackballs, lasers and LEDs, yet the start is the same—the PC records both the separation and speed at which the mouse voyages and transforms that data into twofold code that it can comprehend and plot on a show screen.